XIROI, what
is it?

Xiroi is an adjective that means of a happy, funny, humorous temperament. This is what we intend with this location in Familia Nuri. We want it to be your space to have a good time throughout the day with fresh gastronomy, a wide range of cocktails and good music.

What do you

We want you to choose what you feel like the most at any time of the day, that’s why we have an offer of tapas, dishes and rice dishes. Also you’ll find fork dishes, hand-held dishes, and finger-licking, bite-sized and sharing dishes.


Follow our

In the restaurant many things happen every day. Apart from the food, we have designed a modern cocktail menu, with and without alcohol, suitable for everyone. We want you to toast with us and not only that but also relax looking at the sea or celebrate your next party with us! We do not stop, follow us on Instagram and you will be up to date on everything!